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About Maximum Games

Maximum Games is a boutique publisher of quality electronic entertainment. Our games run the gamut from family-friendly puzzle titles to action-driven stealth thrillers, appealing to gamers of all demographics and styles. Since our founding in 2009, we’ve released premier, cross-generational games for console and PC that maximize gaming fun in all its forms.

As a boutique publisher, we’re proud to team up with independent and small development teams to get their unique work the attention it deserves. Our partnership with Untold Games represents our first journey into virtual reality, and we’re thrilled to bring this incredible story to a wider market.

About Untold Games

Untold Games, founded in 2013, combines the creative expertise of Creative Director Flavio Parenti with the technological know-how of experienced game developers, designers, and artists with a wealth of knowledge in creating high-quality games. Developed exclusively for virtual reality, Loading Human represents the core tenet of Untold Games—immersive, powerful gameplay that bridges the cinematic and gaming experience.

Untold Games is an active contributor to the virtual reality revolution. With Loading Human, they aim to shape the future of virtual reality gaming as a field capable of exploring unique stories through immersive technology.

About Loading Human

Loading Human is the pioneer virtual reality game from developer Untold Games in partnership with publisher Maximum Games. Combining the fun of classic adventure games like The Secret of Monkey Island with the atmospheric storytelling of films like Moon in immersive virtual reality, Loading Human sets a high standard for the capabilities of VR gaming and storytelling.

Loading Human began its life as a concept by Untold Games’ Creative Director, Flavio Parenti. An experienced actor and director, Parenti was inspired to create the game after supporting the Oculus Rift Kickstarter. An UnReal Engine grant, successful Kickstarter campaign, and partnership with Maximum Games has brought Loading Human to this stage in its journey. Available for PlayStation VR October 13th, and soon after for additional VR platforms, Loading Human mixes masterful storytelling with technical experience and the powerful immersion of virtual reality for an incredible story of life, love, and loss in a futuristic setting.