Five PlayStation VR Launch Titles to Get Excited About


The PlayStation VR is nearly here, and it’s coming with some of the most exciting and innovative games of the year.

While there are plenty of titles to choose from, some stand out more than others as a perfect introduction to virtual reality and all of the wonders that the technology holds. But with so many brand new game franchises debuting with the PS VR, it’s hard to know which launch titles are going to deliver the most enjoyable experience.

If you’re planning on getting your hands on Sony’s new VR peripheral, consider these five VR titles. Of all the shiny new things on the shelves right now, these are the best at showing off what’s unique about the PlayStation VR.

PlayStation VR Worlds

Sony has only one chance to make a decent first impression with their new peripheral, which is why producing a compilation title like PlayStation VR Worlds was a no-brainer.

The game is designed to show off the depth of experience and variety of gameplay that the VR platform can deliver, meaning that for first-timers who might not have any extensive virtual reality experience before picking up a PS VR, this game provides a great jumping-in point.

PlayStation VR Worlds shows off the power of the PS VR.

The long-term solo replay value of this game might be debatable, but it makes an excellent party game. Kick back with a drink and some popcorn and watch your friends flail around in VR as they discover the joys of virtual reality gameplay.

If you’re planning on showing off your PlayStation VR to house guests, this game is probably the best option for explaining what these weird goggles add to the PlayStation experience.


There are few VR games that offer quite as much exploration as Battlezone. While a lot of VR experiences are fairly on-rails, this one lets you drive around in a brightly-colored virtual tank to your heart’s content.

Battlezone is an action-packed VR experience.

Thanks to its level of exploration, there’s a lot to do in this game. When you’re trying to get the most out of a brand new gaming purchase, it does help to have something substantial to sink your teeth into, as launch titles can often end up being a bit shorter than games on a tried and tested platform.

Most excitingly, this game offers an online multiplayer mode which gives players all the more reason to keep returning to this title.

Batman: Arkham VR

Taking on the mantle of the Dark Knight has been an eager nerd fantasy for many years. Now, thanks to the power of virtual reality, gamers can roleplay as their favorite superhero as they clean up the streets of Gotham, one criminal at a time.

Batman: Arkham VR lets players become the Caped Crusader.

The Arkham name carries a lot of weight, but fans of the series shouldn’t expect a fully-fledged game in the style of Arkham City or Arkham Knight. Instead, this game has a smaller scope as players focus on solving crimes and investigating dark alleys (Batman is the world’s greatest detective, after all).

The game will feature a lot of storytelling and cinematic action, rather than intense, input-heavy gameplay, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

While Batman: Arkham VR makes the list primarily because of its player character, this title will hopefully create a pretty good argument for other key gaming heroes making the leap into VR.

Loading Human

Virtual reality is a fantastic platform for immersive, innovative storytelling. If you enjoy games with a strong narrative at their core, you’ll have a fantastic time with Loading Human.

This science fiction title draws inspiration from classic adventure games of years gone by, bringing a thought-provoking, character-driven experience to the player.

Loading Human has a powerful story with compelling characters at its core.

The unique element that really shines within Loading Human is the game’s characters, which, thanks to the level of immersion offered by virtual reality, feel genuine and well-rounded when the player talks to them. There’s also an exciting romance at the heart of the game, and the player’s actions interact with the way the game’s story unfolds.

An episodic title, the first chapter of Loading Human will debut with the PS VR, with more installments following periodically, giving players plenty to do with their new virtual reality device.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League

Finally, if you’re looking for some fast-paced multiplayer action, you can’t go wrong with RIGS Mechanized Combat League, a game that sees players piloting enormous robotic vehicles in a simulated sports arena.

While this game does have a single-player mode, its real draw is its online functions, which let players tear each other apart in competitive matches.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League is action-packed multiplayer fun.

It doesn’t hurt that this game looks absolutely gorgeous, and really takes advantage of the graphical capabilities of the PS4.

Greatness Awaits

When the PlayStation 4 originally launched, it did so under the slogan, “Greatness Awaits.” Now, several years on, Sony is about to make good on that promise by delivering a brand-new virtual reality platform which puts this unique technology into the hands of its user base, in many cases for the very first time.

If you’re thinking of buying the PlayStation VR when it launches, you can’t go wrong with any of the games on this list. Enjoy—and remember, there’s plenty more where these came from!

Loading Human is a virtual reality adventure game which will debut on October 13 as a PS VR launch title (and will also be available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift). To try the game for yourself, pre-order it today.


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