What Gamers Are Saying About Loading Human


Loading Human has been officially available for VR platforms for about a week now, and the internet has taken note.

Many virtual reality gamers have taken to online soapboxes to share their opinions on the immersive experience at the heart of Loading Human, detailing the ways in which they’ve connected with Alice, Dorian, and the game’s protagonist, Prometheus. Continue reading

“Loading Human” Preview Demonstrates VR Adventure’s Storytelling and Technical Prowess


Upload VR recently got a chance to take a look at the opening chapter of Loading Human, the upcoming virtual reality adventure game from Untold Games and Maximum Games. This exclusive, hands-on demo of Loading Human for both PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift covered a first look at the game’s proprietary movement system as well as its deep, emotional story. The game will be released episodically for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive in four chapters, the first arriving October 13.

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Exciting Times: Loading Human Makes NerdMuch’s Top Ten Most Promising VR Games List

Zen Garden Environment in Virtual Reality Game Loading Human
With so much going on surrounding virtual reality games at the moment, there’s plenty of exciting projects on the horizon—from games starring well-known characters such as Batman to brand new titles exclusive to VR, such as How We Soar.

It’s particularly exciting, then, that pop culture blog NerdMuch has placed Loading Human on its list of the ten most promising VR games and demos of 2016. A site dedicated to all things surrounding geek culture, NerdMuch reviews a lot of games, and it’s nice to know that the site’s staff are excited by what they see from Loading Human’s GDC trailer.

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Loading Human is Heading to GDC

Hello, and welcome to our new Loading Human website! Over the coming months, we’ll update it with new videos, screenshots, teasers, and more, so be sure to keep up with all the news by checking back regularly. Continue reading