What Gamers Are Saying About Loading Human


Loading Human has been officially available for VR platforms for about a week now, and the internet has taken note.

Many virtual reality gamers have taken to online soapboxes to share their opinions on the immersive experience at the heart of Loading Human, detailing the ways in which they’ve connected with Alice, Dorian, and the game’s protagonist, Prometheus.

So what’s the verdict? As with any new game, there’s a range of opinions based on the kinds of games that people like to play, and what they’re hoping to get out of virtual reality. Thanks to the launch of PlayStation VR, there’s a lot of new games for players to go through all at once, and some are faring better than others when it comes to reviews.

With Loading Human, though, player ratings are primarily positive.

Praise for Loading Human’s Story

On the Amazon review page for the game, reviewer J.S. is thrilled to report that Loading Human’s science fiction setting draws inspiration from cult favorite movies like Blade Runner, and is excited to experience an immersive VR story that borrows from classic sci-fi:

The most immersive VR game that I have played so far. You can interact and pick up everything. As another reviewer said, it is breathtaking, and it is. When you look around you can’t help but think ‘This is amazing.’ You can tell that it was clearly built with VR in mind and a love for the Blade Runner-ish Sci-Fi universe. The character makes a Bladerunner reference ‘Tear drops in the rain’ in the first few minutes. Turning in the game took a little bit to get used to, you move the motion stick at the angle you want to turn and press a button and it turns you. At first, I was concerned that I wouldn’t get used to it and that it would break immersion but after a while, you forget you are even doing it. This is the type of game I was hoping for when VR came out. Definitely a detailed and quality game and not just a VR cash grab. A must buy.

Similarly, Danielle B is very pleased with the rich narrative at the heart of Loading Human’s VR experience, and how this makes the game stand out from other virtual reality titles. She writes, “This game has an unique feature among all the others PSVR titles: a story!! It’s not a tech-demo or a silly game, it’s a proper story-driven adventure, and it’s exactly what I wanted from VR.”


There are plenty of positive reviews to be seen on Amazon, with roughly half the reviews thus far giving the game a full five stars.

A Beautiful, Immersive Game

These thoughts are echoed on the game’s Steam page, where fans are championing Loading Human as a source of genuinely interesting storytelling within a beautiful VR game.

Noble Brutus, for example, starts their review by noting that Loading Human has grabbed their attention better than any other VR game so far. “I’ve played the game from start to finish and clocked a playtime of 4.4 hours,” they write. “By comparison most other games such as ‘The Gallery’ have only clocked 2 hours so kudos for that.” Noble Brutus went on to highlight top points for the game, which included great storytelling (the “best” in VR so far), believably human NPCs, and a “top notch” atmosphere.

Kris.vdv offers a similar appraisal, claiming, “Personally, I love the intriguing story a lot and graphically it’s very beautiful. Voice acting and music are good too. This is clearly a very well-made production.”

Loading Human’s powerful narrative brought YouTube user GameHard 4.0 to tears.

Overall, for the most part, gamers are really connecting with the setting and characters in Loading Human on a deep emotional level, and are enjoying being sucked into a narrative-rich VR world that they can properly engage with.

Overcoming Difficulties

Of course, no game is perfect, and there have been a few criticisms for some aspects of Loading Human. Most notably, some gamers report having a difficult time with the game’s motion controls, and wish for a little more freedom. Even in noting this weakness in the game, however, reviewers such as simblarosh have nothing but good things to say about Loading Human:

This is a very cool atmospheric game and is really well polished, I find that the controls for the VIVE motion controllers is a bit uneasy to use and I think this is because they have limited the way you maneuver in this game to meet the requirements for individuals with Oculus. This is my main complaint with it I think that if they were to use VIVE to its fullest potential it would make the experience that much better. Maybe they will implement room scale and use other methods for turning your character for VIVE users…….Other than that the game itself is really nice.

Reviewer shawn goff expressed similar sentiments, stating that he believes the game’s deliberately slower pacing suits the game perfectly because, as he puts it, “motion sickness is very real and in fact, Loading Human handles movement better than the other games that I’ve played so far.”

Thoroughly enjoying the game’s core gameplay, many players express their willingness to overlook the challenges of controls as being a necessary part of a multi-platform VR launch. All virtual reality games developers are approaching movement as a learning experience, and it’s a testament to Loading Human’s immersive story that even players who initially struggled with the game’s controls are still so eager to play.

“An Amazing VR Experience”

Loading Human has been available to VR gamers for a short time, but already the game is developing a strong, passionate fan base.

Loading Human offers a VR experience unlike any other—and the journey’s only just begun.

Those gamers who are looking for an emotionally resonant, narrative-based experience will find Loading Human is exactly what they’ve been waiting for.

In the words of Steam user A747:

This game is an amazing VR experience. The developers really tried to make this like an interactive movie . . . Loading Human has a great story and I can’t wait for the future chapters.

For those gamers who harbor a particular love of science fiction storytelling, immersive gameplay, and realistic non-player characters, and wish to experience it all in the impressively immersive world of VR, look no further than Loading Human. The fans have spoken.

The first chapter of Loading Human is available now for PSVR, Vive, and Oculus Rift. To experience the game for yourself, purchase it today!


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