Exciting Times: Loading Human Makes NerdMuch’s Top Ten Most Promising VR Games List

Zen Garden Environment in Virtual Reality Game Loading Human
With so much going on surrounding virtual reality games at the moment, there’s plenty of exciting projects on the horizon—from games starring well-known characters such as Batman to brand new titles exclusive to VR, such as How We Soar.

It’s particularly exciting, then, that pop culture blog NerdMuch has placed Loading Human on its list of the ten most promising VR games and demos of 2016. A site dedicated to all things surrounding geek culture, NerdMuch reviews a lot of games, and it’s nice to know that the site’s staff are excited by what they see from Loading Human’s GDC trailer.

Loading Human’s trailer for GDC 2016 shows off the game’s rich story-based gameplay.

The article, by self-professed video game and anime nerd Emily Auten, lists plenty of the biggest upcoming titles that gamers are particularly excited to see reaching VR platforms later this year.

Auten seems particularly (and understandably) eager for established series and familiar brands when it comes to VR—her NerdMuch list contains virtual reality adaptations for legacy titles such as Final Fantasy and Resident Evil, alongside VR games based on famous franchises like Batman and the recently announced Star Wars VR experience.

Among these established series, though, NerdMuch has plenty of praise for the brand-new story at the heart of Loading Human. Comparing the game to massively popular episodic titles such as Life is Strange and The Wolf Among Us, the article draws particular attention to the choose-your-own-path elements of Loading Human, and its continuation of the traditions of adventure games in the virtual reality medium.

The environments in Loading Human are filled with tiny hidden secrets to reward diligent players.
Loading Human’s art style has taken a lot of work, and journalists are taking notice.


“The art is awesome and this game has so much potential,” Auten claims, while also drawing attention to the motion controls of the game, and how players can interact with the world around them—we love hearing that these deliberately designed elements of the game are appreciated!

Finally, Auten highlights that it’s good to see something more than just a ‘gimmicky’ game or a test of VR’s technology—everyone at both Maximum Games and Untold Games is thrilled to hear that Loading Human is beginning to find a like-minded audience that wants a strong narrative at the core of their VR experience.

Things are getting busier and busier as the first episode of Loading Human draws nearer to completion. It’s exciting to read what NerdMuch has to say about the game, and it’ll be even more exciting to see what the site—and gamers everywhere—think once the game reaches its release.

The first chapter of Loading Human will be available soon. To get your hands on it as soon as possible, preorder the game today.