“Loading Human” Preview Demonstrates VR Adventure’s Storytelling and Technical Prowess


Upload VR recently got a chance to take a look at the opening chapter of Loading Human, the upcoming virtual reality adventure game from Untold Games and Maximum Games. This exclusive, hands-on demo of Loading Human for both PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift covered a first look at the game’s proprietary movement system as well as its deep, emotional story. The game will be released episodically for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive in four chapters, the first arriving October 13.

Writer David Jagneaux called the game “ambitious,” particularly with its non-linear narrative. You play as an astronaut fresh out of school, tasked with retrieving an energy source to keep his father, famous scientist Dorian Baarick, alive. Along the way, you meet intriguing characters like Alice, Dorian’s assistant, who rapidly comes to mean a lot to Prometheus, and Lucy, an AI companion.

Prometheus' name references a rich literary history
Prometheus, Loading Human‘s main character, must retrieve the Quintessence to save his father.

Because Jagneaux only played the first episode of Loading Human, much of the story is left up to speculation. He praised the friendly AI, Lucy, whose sense of humor and demeanor appealed to him, but said that he found the interactions with Alice to be almost “too immersive.” Your mileage may vary—Loading Human is intended as an emotional experience, so for players who are looking to see how emotionally immersive VR can be, that may not be a bad thing.

Janeaux also got a first-hand look at Loading Human’s unique movement system, which is specially designed to remove the potential for motion sickness. “A lot of care was put into designing interactions,” he explains, “so that they feel both natural, but also avoid any of the common motion sickness issues that face so many people.” Since virtual reality is still being perfected, motion sickness is a persistent problem for developers, one that Untold Games’ creative director, Flavio Parenti, has experienced himself.

As Jagneaux describes, Loading Human’s system eliminates much of the head movement that can cause players to become nauseated. Instead, movement in this game is accomplished by pointing and clicking the controls. Head movement still affects the direction you’re facing, but turning completely around uses the controller.

While Jagneaux found this mechanic to be a little limiting, it does allow players who may otherwise be unable to enjoy virtual reality to experience the game. Loading Human is a slow-paced, virtual reality spin on Sierra and LucasArts’ classic adventure games, so the reduced speed is intentional; while it may not be for every player, there is a purpose behind the design.

This first look at Loading Human shows off some of the game’s most exciting features, including the new movement system and the emotional depth of the storyline. With the October 13 release on the horizon, expect more new looks at the series to come.

Loading Human infuses the brave new world of virtual reality with an emotionally resonant story that takes place in the far future. Preorder your copy today!


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