Welcome to Paradise: Exploring the Settings of Loading Human

Loading Human is one of the more expansive games that are currently available in virtual reality. The game offers multiple exciting locations, which are open and fully explorable, and packed with hidden secrets and gems to discover.

These environments are essential to the story that’s at the heart of Loading Human, and the more you get to know the locations in the game, the better you understand the plot that unfolds. Even a cursory glance at the game’s environments helps to communicate story elements, as color choices and small details in design help to teach the player about the world they’ve entered. Continue reading

Traveling Through Time: How Memory Shapes Narrative in Loading Human

virtual reality game Loading Human

Loading Human’s first chapter reveals something important about the game—memory matters.

Because Loading Human is episodic, we’re only working with part of the puzzle. But that’s part of the fun; the game’s story is one of misdirection and speculation, rewarding players who take their time examining and interacting with objects in a thoughtful, deliberate manner. All is not what it seems in Loading Human, and memory is key to puzzling out the unsettling nature of its chronologically-scrambled narrative.

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The Science of Loading Human’s Science Fiction

glowing chamber in Loading Human

When making a science fiction world, one of the first decisions that storytellers have to make is what kind of technology they’ll put at their characters’ disposal.

Should a sci-fi world feature lasers? Spaceships? Time travel? Cloning? Robotic limbs?

These kinds of seemingly arbitrary choices can help shape story and setting alike. Continue reading

Who to Love? Relationships in Loading Human


Relationships in Loading Human

Love triangles.

They’re messy, they’re complicated, and they’re rarely any fun when you’re caught in the middle of one.

At least, they’re not fun in real life. It only takes a brief glimpse at popular culture during pretty much any period of history, however, to discover that people absolutely love fictional “it’s complicated” romances. From Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream to Pride and Prejudice, as well as more recent stories like Twilight and The Hunger Games, messy love lives dominate all forms of storytelling. Continue reading

Loading Human Exemplifies the Power of Sci-Fi Stories


Loading Human, like all the best sci-fi stories, doesn’t focus on the here and now—it takes what concerns us today and pulls it ahead into the future or far into the past, extrapolating through fiction rather than fact. Science fiction is often a look forward, focusing on contemporary anxieties, issues, and hopes, and exploring those in a way that imagines a different future, even if it’s actually set in the past. Loading Human, an upcoming virtual reality game, takes concepts like love and loss and pushes them to their limits, using the lens of science fiction to examine them in a new light.

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Loading Human Offers a Bite-Sized VR Adventure That Satisfies Player Cravings


I love video games, but I don’t have a lot of spare time. That means my gaming time has to be cut into small pieces—instead of struggling with sprawling, complicated epics, I tend to home in on shorter games so I don’t lose track of my place between sessions.

With VR, that’s not so much of a problem. Virtual reality works well in short, bite-sized pieces, giving players a powerful experience in a fraction of the time. That’s how Loading Human works—chapter-based, episodic release ensures you get a powerful, emotional story with none of the problematic hitches of this first generation of practical VR. The technology already makes us want to spend time in fictional worlds, but as Sony Chief Andrew House puts it, VR games work best in short bursts more akin to a thrill ride than your average binge-playing approach. In this case, less is more.

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What’s in a Name? Loading Human’s Character Names Explored

Loading Human explores a variety of characters

Names matter a lot in games.

A name is often one of the first things we learn about a character, and it sets up our expectations for the kind of person they’ll be. Take, for example, Commander Shepard of the Mass Effect franchise—named for the first American in space, Shepard’s name also hints at the character’s role as a leader within a troubled galaxy.

Names in video games are often symbolic of the roles that characters play within narratives—this can mean harkening back to older works of fiction, referencing stories that have come before and that have influenced the game’s development.

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How many times will you fall in love? Got a number in your head? Now add 1 to that number. In the upcoming VR adventure, Loading Human, you will have the chance to fall in love all over again…with a beautiful woman named Alice. Continue reading