Welcome to Paradise: Exploring the Settings of Loading Human

Loading Human is one of the more expansive games that are currently available in virtual reality. The game offers multiple exciting locations, which are open and fully explorable, and packed with hidden secrets and gems to discover.

These environments are essential to the story that’s at the heart of Loading Human, and the more you get to know the locations in the game, the better you understand the plot that unfolds. Even a cursory glance at the game’s environments helps to communicate story elements, as color choices and small details in design help to teach the player about the world they’ve entered.

Welcome to the Future

Loading Human is set in the distant future, and that’s a deliberate choice from a narrative perspective.

By removing the game from any contemporary societal and technological anchors, Loading Human can explore themes and ideas that wouldn’t make sense in a more modern setting. Concepts like medical advancements, deep space travel, and artificial intelligence, are all used to tell a story that questions what it means to be human.

The science fiction setting of Loading Human is a deliberate choice for the game’s narrative.

It’s particularly fun to see how, when technology is taken to its extremes, it seems to cycle back to the mythic, rather than the purely scientific. The story draws inspiration from Greek mythology, with spaceships being used in place of sea travel. Even in the future, humanity is still seeking meaning, family stability, and the secret to immortal life.

The futuristic setting of the game is explored very early in the game, as the player learns that they are living in a luxury apartment that, almost paradoxically, is built atop a research laboratory in the middle of the Antarctic.

Clearly, this is a future where mankind can tame the elements, but still prefers to be comfortable while doing so.

Home Sweet Home

If you could design your own luxury apartment, what would it look like?

Would it, perhaps, have a mezzanine floor, beautiful hardwood floors, and a reflection pool? Would it have a spacious bathtub, its own gym, and state of the art electronics built into all its walls? Would it have a sumptuous fireplace?

vr locations and movement in Virtual Reality game Loading Human
Have a fantastic time exploring your apartment in Loading Human.

What about a floor-to-ceiling window that lets in a fantastic amount of light and provides a view of the Antarctic landscape?

Your apartment in Loading Human is an important part of the story. The space that you begin the game in is designed to be sumptuous and appealing—you’re meant to have fun as you explore it. The game gives you a sense of comfort and sophistication, so that simply walking around, pulling books from shelves, and looking out of the windows, is an enjoyable experience.

Loading Human Bedroom VR environment
Everything in your apartment is designed with comfort and style in mind.

This apartment isn’t just your home—it’s also the place where Alice, your romantic partner, lives. The apartment reflects her personality and preferences. Much like the apartment, Alice is fun, bright, and full of charm.

Yet, as most things are in Loading Human, this outer level of comfort is not what it appears to be. A façade of luxury and simple, stylish design, conceals the dark and disturbing machinations that take place underneath the surface.

What Lies Beneath

While aboveground your apartment in Loading Human may be sumptuous, elegant, and stylish, the underwater research laboratory that it’s built on top of is a completely different story.

The laboratory in Loading Human is deliberately cold and foreboding.

Players will notice a shift from the moment they enter the base—while the apartment is filled with warm colors and comforting lights, the lab is dark, cold, and eerily lit by computer monitors and glowing scientific experiments.

This environment is all business—here you’ll find the harsher side of the game, and the big questions about the ethics and morals of your work to prolong human life.

Settings in Loading Human
Is that a coffin? It certainly looks like one.

It’s also here that you’ll find Dorian, your father, a man who has been kept alive by his experiments, and whose personality is reflected in the shadowy computer-filled laboratory that constitutes both his home and his prison.

Storytelling Through Location

Through its use of carefully designed settings, Loading Human builds upon the game’s core narrative to deliver a strong story that’s filled with opposing forces.

On the one hand, your home environment is warm, inviting, and enjoyable—a clear reflection of Alice, who spends most of her time here. On the other hand, the laboratory is cold, foreboding, and oppressive, just like Dorian.

The ideology present in the level design in Loading Human has to be seen to be believed. One thing’s for certain, though: the game provides some of the most immersive, expansive explorable environments in VR gaming.

To explore the settings of Loading Human for yourself, order the game today for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or PlayStation VR.


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